Bathroom Renovation

First of all, make a detailed plan, imagine how your bathroom renovation will look after reconstruction Important: Do not think that you can choose absolutely any model of a water heated towel rail – your choice is limited, firstly, by the center distance (location of the pipe outlet) of the original heated towel rail.

And secondly, the configuration of the new model should resemble the old one, you should not overcomplicate it. This, in turn, will ensure normal water pressure and circulation for you and your neighbors. Only in your own house or townhouse can you radically change the design through the bathroom renovation of a heated towel rail when you replace it. 

If you need more space to dry towels, bathrobes, or small clothes, then an electrically heated towel rail will be more appropriate. The advantages are obvious: it can be placed anywhere (not forgetting, of course, to supply 220V), choose absolutely any shape and size and use it in the mode that is necessary only for you – even year-round, even including as needed. 

Especially if you already have warm floors and no additional heat source is required in the bathroom renovation.

How does a do-it-yourself bathroom renovation begin? 

Of course, with accurate measurements. After all, the choice of style and plumbing depends on the size of the room. What to do with pipes? What do you need to make the bathroom renovation? First of all, think about the supply of communications to the sink or bath.

In what case is it allowed to hide pipes in the thickness of existing walls (in other words, to shade them), and when should a box be made and tiled? It depends on several factors.

The thickness of the walls if we do not take into account the human factor (the desire and skill of the master), the answer to the question will be given by the thickness and material of the walls. In order to hide the pipes, it is necessary to make a groove in the wall with a depth of 5-6 cm.

The size is dictated by a sewer pipe with a diameter of 50 mm. Accordingly, it is already very problematic to hide pipes in an 80 mm thick partition – what can we say about thinner walls!

Wall material If it is a tree, then it will not work to grind the pipes, no matter how much you want, and then the laying of communications can be carried out in an open way. What to do next – leave it as it is or sew it into a box – it’s up to you.

When planning a bathroom renovation, what should you know first? When exactly will a major bathroom renovation be done in your house?

  • Interior style. Sometimes pipes are not something that needs to be hidden, but on the contrary, their presence is more profitable to emphasize, to make a highlight of the interior. Especially if you are an adherent of an industrial style or a loft. Here, as nowhere else, it is appropriate to leave communications open.
  • House overhaul. In addition to style, an objective reason for such a decision may be the fact that your house is about to have a planned replacement of pipes, and then sewing the box – and even more so finishing it – will be throwing money into that very pipe.

Box – exit

Sometimes there is a desire to lay pipes in the thickness of the ventilation mine. Not only is it not recommended to violate its integrity at all, but also the thickness of the shaft can be small – about 2-3 cm. In this case, it is just more logical to make a box. Its height and depth can be set in multiples of the tile size. 

You can originally solve the issue of sewing the box by making it at the height of the sink: we got additional space – a surface for various little things.

Access hatches 

Don’t forget to access hatches. Water meters in apartments are usually located in the area of ​​risers, which means that access must be provided there. Also, in addition to taking readings from metering devices once a month, it is sometimes necessary to turn off the water or replace the same devices over time. Therefore, the access hatch must be comfortable to approach and use.

Everything you need to on your bathroom renovation can be found at your local hardware store. But for the result to be
really interesting, you will have to make a lot of effort. In addition to ready-made options in the nearest building materials store, you can come up with a lot of non-standard solutions. 

An ordinary white hatch in the middle of the wall would look like a foreign body. And, designed in this way, he not only did not lose in functionality but also added originality to the interior.

If the style does not imply unnecessary elements that would look alien in the interior, an access hatch with the same finish as on the walls comes to the rescue. The hatch can be painted or tiled over. In this case, the inspection hatch is not conspicuous.

What to consider in bathroom renovation? 

First, accurate calculation is important in a bathroom renovation. The size of the tile should be known in advance, and its layout should be made taking into account the location of the niche where it is necessary to make access. Next, a frame is purchased or made independently (there are different types of hatch opening – rising up like kitchen cabinets, sliding to the side, or completely removable – in this case, the lid is held in its nest with magnets.

After that, tiles are glued to the base. If the work is done carefully, as a result, there is only a barely noticeable thin gap around the hatch perimeter. ”Yes, and do not forget about the handles – somehow the hatch will need to be opened!

Depending on the finishing material upon bathroom renovation of the surrounding surfaces, the access hatch can be less labor-intensive to manufacture. 

Screen under the bathroom renovation. I would like to pay special attention to organizing access to communications under the bathroom. No matter how much you would like to cover the bathtub tightly with beautiful tiles or mosaics, I do not advise you to do this.

There are different situations when it is necessary to provide access to the junction of the bath siphon and the sewer pipe – these are both blockages and leaks. And if you have a bathtub with hydromassage, then access to technical equipment (pump, compressor) should be unambiguous.

And here, again, depending on the style and imagination, the access hatch can be made of any material.

Among the ready-made solutions for the screen under the bath, there are many practical ones. For example, the wall can be hinged, and on it there is a shallow “pocket” for household chemicals.

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