Nowadays, any bathroom renovation ends up exceeding the budget that we had initially, although we usually go with leaden feet we always see the famous “since”, which end up making the reform of our bathroom more expensive, for this reason, we wanted to carry out this article, to help you decorate the bathroom without exceeding the budget.

Decoration and accessories

One way to renovate the bathroom without spending a lot of money is to use cheap and even handmade decoration elements. Elements that we thought not, but can totally change the aesthetics of a bathroom. Long ago and even today we leave towels on the towel racks metal, on a bar, or on a hanger. 

But putting a wooden or bamboo ladder will help us to leave the towels in a different and therefore original way. Another way to give it a natural and brown touch is with the incorporation of a wooden log. A log with different branches cut off as hangers for towels. These options are quite inexpensive. Even if you want it very cheap and you are good at crafts, you can take bamboo poles and make your own ladder to hang the towels.

Along with the towel racks, we can make a change of the towels, the bathrobe, and the bathroom rugToday there are many types, models, colors, textures, etc. You have to look for a set of towels that is very different from the ones you had and that catches your attention, with which you will feel comfortable. Although we do not realize this, we make a significant change, since in many cases the contrast with the tiles makes it stand out and have a differential aspect.

Another option that we have left is bathroom accessories. Whether they are soap dishes, glasses, roll holders, etc. Its price is quite cheap and you can even make them manually with a little ingenuity and imagination.

Paintings can also add a different touch. 

Do you have any in the bathroom? If so, it is time to change it to give the bathroom another look, play a little with colors and contrasts. For example, look for a frame for the painting that goes with the bathroom, but the image may be the one you like the most. You don’t have to buy it, just printing it and putting it in the frame is more than enough. 

Do you see how you are going to save much more? An example of a painting could be a light frame with an image of more striking colors. It will undoubtedly take effect at the moment and thus when the user enters the bathroom they will focus their gaze on those paintings, therefore it is important to place them in those areas that we want to highlight.

Floor tiles

Tile joints are another option to consider. We are used to seeing a joint color between white tiles everywhere. However, another option is to put a beige, gray, or similar color, it provides a different design and can be combined with the color of the tiles to generate greater elegance. It’s a rare chance, but one that will help give your bathroom a new look. A daring change but with a lot of contrast, which will radically transform our bathroom.

If you are one of those who like to go beyond innovation, you can also paint the tiles of a wall with special paint for tiles, it is a high-quality paint and surely the combination with the tiles will be very beautiful.


As you can see, large budgets are not needed to make changes in the bathroom and renovate it, sometimes the smallest changes are the ones that really stand out. As for storage, a different and economical option is to put a tray of personal hygiene products with typical samples as they do in hotels. A different design of all these products will help us to remove the conventional design of your bathroom. We will be able to give it a creative and different touch to what we are used to seeing.

As storage, you can also use large wicker baskets, perfect for simple and few ornate bathrooms.

Shower curtains and vinyls

If you have curtains, it is better to change them to match the rest of the bathroom accessories, and if it is the case that you have a bathroom screen, it is normal to think that it is boring and bland. 

But there are stickers and vinyl to decorate them that can give it a different look, so whatever you want: renew or die. We always have the best option and if you choose to incorporate a vinyl, remember that it is a good option but that it peels off with the passage of time, but that is not bad, since thanks to that it allows you to change the decoration of the screen whenever you want. And if you have a shower curtain, you can already think about changing it for another. Why is it not so difficult to give a new environment to the bathroom?


Another low-cost element that will change the bathroom completely is the mirrors. An element that we always see and use, an essential element in every wet room. Depending on taste, we can put one circular, square or if we have two sinks and we dare, one of each shape for each sink.


We do not want to finish the post without forgetting the floral setting. Placing a small plant or flowers or a basket with flowers always brings harmony and elegance to the bathroom.

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