Air Conditioning

In most of Australia, we can enjoy summer and high temperatures, and in this time our air conditioning equipment can become a great ally to rest, work or enjoy the best conditions of comfort in our home.

Choosing an air conditioner is an important decision. Think that this equipment, despite being functional throughout the year, has intensive use during the summer season and that it is convenient to make a smart purchase prioritizing quality and energy savings.

What is the most used air conditioning equipment for residential use?

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In the market, there are different air conditioning systems for residential use that allow achieving the best conditions of comfort and well-being. However, depending on the use and the space that we want to cool, some models will be more recommended than others.

Within the air conditioning systems for the home , we highlight:

Portable air conditioning.

It is a compact, economical, and practical solution, as they are easy to move and move household appliances. The problem with these computers is that they are usually noisy and consume a lot of energy. Also, they do not always have enough power to cool rooms, depending on their size and insulation conditions. They serve to feel cooler, but they do not air-condition the space.

Split 1 × 1 equipment

It is the most widespread option. The 1 × 1 split units are made up of two fixed installation units: an indoor unit, in charge of directly cooling the room, and an outdoor unit that is outside the home. Installing this type of air conditioning equipment is simple and fast. In addition, there are models adapted for each space and with functionalities to cover all kinds of needs.


The multi splits teams have two or more indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. Multi-split equipment (from 2 × 1 to 5 × 1) is a good alternative for cooling large rooms or for cooling several rooms with minimal energy consumption.

What to take into account when choosing the best air conditioning equipment?

Before selecting an air conditioner, you should assess these aspects :

  1.  Energy classification. Air conditioning equipment is classified from A +++ (higher energy efficiency) to G (lower energy efficiency): the more efficient the equipment, the less energy it will consume.
  2. Inverter technology. Most air conditioners have inverter technology. These models generate heat and cold and are more efficient as well as versatile.
  3. Power. One of the keys to choosing the air conditioner is that it has enough power. Power is one of the data that appears on the label of the air conditioner. However, we advise you to be advised by professionals, since the recommended power may vary depending on the orientation of the home, the geographical area, etc. Even so, and in a generic way, you can do this calculation: multiply 100/140 frigories for each square meter.
  4. Energy consumption. Knowing how much electrical energy your air conditioner will consume, both in cold mode and in heat mode, can be decisive in the choice. Calculating this data is easy: divide its power between the SEER code (seasonal energy efficiency in cold) or between the SCOP (seasonal energy efficiency in heat).
  5. Sound level. Like any other appliance, air conditioners make noise, something that can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, technology has advanced a lot in this regard, and currently, these computers do not disturb rest or hardly intervene in our daily activities. The maximum recommended is 24 decibels of sound pressure for a bedroom.
  6. Adaptation to the outside temperature. Some air conditioners regulate their temperature automatically, adjusting to the outside weather. Also incorporate a night function, which controls the room temperature during sleeping hours. These types of functions guarantee comfort and minimum energy consumption.
  7. Functions. Air conditioning systems incorporate many functions. Among them we highlight the swing functions, auto cleaning and fault diagnosis, sleep function to improve the rest period or the turbo mode of the Split 1 × 1, which facilitate the maintenance of the air conditioning equipment, optimize its use and lengthen its useful life.
  8. Professional advice. Our advice to choose the best air conditioning is that you are advised by professionals. They will indicate the most efficient options for your home according to your needs and budget and will carry out the installation. Also, remember that to guarantee its correct operation and avoid legal problems, and according to Royal Decree 115/2017, you must have a document signed by an authorized installer that guarantees that the installation of the air conditioning equipment has been carried out following all the criteria technical and security established by law.
  9. Trusted brand. You will find a wide range of air conditioning equipment designed to offer maximum performance with silent work, thanks to high-efficiency evaporators, compact equipment, and Inverter technology. Learn more about our Multi-split and Monosplit air conditioning ranges.

If you need to find the air conditioning equipment that best suits the needs of your home like air conditioning, in this link you can request a free quote from installers near you who will advise you on the best product for your home.