Building Inspections

The Australian Research Institute of Civil Protection constantly receives information on the number of fires in the country. To prevent material damage, injury, or death in case of fire, regular fire safety building inspections are carried out at enterprises of any form of ownership, regardless of the type of activity. 

In case of danger, each employee must act according to a pre-designed plan for evacuation and rescue of property. Therefore, the rules of fire safety building inspections must know not only the management of the organization but also all workers and employees.


This year, an average of 284 accidents are registered daily due to fire, in which 5 people die and 4 are injured. 72 buildings, 13 units of trucks and cars are damaged daily. Pets are dying, the natural ecosystem is being destroyed.

According to the analysis of fire events, the usual negligence of business management often leads to human casualties. The rules of fire safety building inspections, first of all, provide clarification of the following factors:

  • clogged or free evacuation routes for victims;
  • availability of free access for specialized equipment;
  • how to notify employees of the danger;
  • staff knowledge of how to act in an emergency is tested.

Fire safety building inspections of the office determines the compliance of sockets with the increased load when using an electric kettle, microwave, heaters.

Acts on staff briefing during employment are studied.


All measures to prevent industrial fires are carefully documented and stored. It is important for every company manager to know what documents are required when checking the fire safety building inspections:

  • valid company registration certificate;
  • permission from the fire inspection to start the enterprise;
  • orders on formation of profile service with appointment of responsible persons;
  • certificates of quality conformity of sold products;
  • agreements on ownership, lease, leasing of premises.

Fire safety documents at the enterprise must contain reports on the frequency of training of personnel in the rules of conduct in the event of a fire, which avoids panic among employees.

All documents for fire inspection are presented to the inspector of civil service on emergency situations.


Fire safety building inspections at the enterprise are carried out only with the provision of a mandatory certificate of all members of the inspection team, endorsed by the head of the SES with the name, position, and certified by the seal of the organization. The inspectors present an order, dated and numbered, indicating the specific object and its address, the date of the action, the reason that prompted the inspection, the type of audit.

If the necessary documents are not presented during the fire safety building inspection, the entrepreneur has the right not to let outsiders into his territory.

In the course of its work, the building inspections require the immediate elimination of identified violations of the law or measures that impede the inspection. If necessary, it is allowed to appoint an examination, to withdraw samples for research, to receive explanations. The members of the commission are obliged to observe business relations with the team, trade secrets, not to interfere with production, if no man-made danger is detected.

When the fire safety building inspections in the office or at work is completed, a report on the results is drawn up in duplicate. The entrepreneur must correct the identified violations within 5 days. Otherwise, the inspection body may initiate a complete or partial shutdown of the company until the moment of correction of deficiencies. In malicious cases, a lawsuit is filed with the administrative court based on the results of the inspection.


Construction Project business man Architect engineer manager at construction site

Scheduled building inspections of the fire inspection at the enterprise is carried out in the terms specified by the legislation which depend on a category of the danger of production:

  1. For two calendar years with a high degree of danger. These are objects with crowds of people, warehouses with an area of ​​500 square meters. meters used in the production of explosives, chemicals, combustibles, high-rise buildings from 47 m above ground level, underground structures, and others.
  2. Building Inspections of firefighters are provided once in 3 years if the category of danger of the enterprise is recognized as average. These are enterprises of trade, service and food, houses 26.5-47 meters high.
  3. Building Inspections of firms with a low degree of risk are conducted once every five years.

The planned mandatory fire safety building inspection does not exceed the duration of 30 total days per year for a large enterprise, 15 – for a small company. The time is calculated from January 1 to December 31 inclusive. Approval of the planned event is carried out by the SES body no later than December 1 of the previous year. Corrections and additions are not allowed.

The inspection of the fire inspection outside the previously approved plan is carried out for the following reasons:

  • uncorrected error in the reporting documentation within 10 days;
  • failure to report twice in a row;
  • the obligation to comply with the comments revealed by the scheduled fire safety inspection;
  • a written statement of the head of the additional inspection measures;
  • an accident at work that caused the death of an employee;
  • illness of an employee with fatal consequences, the cause of which is an occupational disease at a specific facility;
  • address order of the Prime Minister of Ukraine on a comprehensive inspection of the enterprise as a result of his systematic violation of measures to prevent threats to life, the health of workers, damage to the environment, damage to the state;
  • a written appeal of any person about the danger of fire at work, for the inaccuracy of information there is a penalty provided by law.

The manager must be informed of the reason for the event, leaving a copy of the document. In the process of unscheduled inspection, only the circumstances that initiate the beginning of the procedure are clarified. The fire safety building inspection is limited to 10 days for a large enterprise, 2 days for a small one.


To prevent man-made situations recommended by specialists instruct ordinary workers to familiarize with the basics of fire observation and top management should complete a full course of study on fire safety .

If the fire inspection reveals minor offenses, the SES body imposes a fine on the responsible employees, which must be paid within 15 days. Otherwise, the accrued amount is withdrawn through the administrative court.

Criminal liability arises when, as a result of violations, a fire occurs with damage to the material base on a large and especially large scale, people are injured. The punishment ranges from a fine to 8 years in prison.