A Chainwire spiral barbed fence made of ordinary barbed wire of a round cross-section is called a Bruno spiral. The prickly chainwire safety barrier comes in bays. Most manufacturers save on packaging and supply the chainwire safety barrier unpacked, which leads to serious cuts for employees, and health and safety problems for senior customers.

The price of a chainwire spiral safety barrier

A chainwire safety barrier is like an accordion. The bay can be stretched to different lengths. Therefore, if you are told the price, you need to ask the price of the bay and the number of turns in the bay. You can divide the price of the bay by the number of turns and multiply by the number of turns you want to see in the stretched barrier. Get the price per running meter.
Below, for your convenience, is the formula for calculating the running meter. 

Price per running meter = ( price per bay / number of turns in the bay ) * desired number of turns in 1 m.p.

Anticorrosive properties of SBB

The main thing that is required from the spiral barrier is the duration of the operation. The service life depends on the thickness of the zinc coating and the aggressiveness of the environment in which this barrier will be used.
According to this criterion, approximately the entire barrier produced has the same properties. In a normal environment, this fence will last 25-30 years, in the factory area, on the coast, and in chemical plants, the bath will last less.

But this is the disadvantage of made fences – the inability to buy a cheaper barrier if long service life is not required.

Cossack is devoid of this shortcoming. It comes in two stages of galvanizing.
A cheaper option will last 15 years, a Cossack with increased corrosion protection will last 25-30 years.

In addition to galvanizing to protect against corrosion use a polymer coating. Experiments have shown that the polymer coating is much stronger protects against corrosion barbed wire placed in concentrated saline solution. 

Mechanical properties of SBB

The barbed wire must be strong, it is difficult to bite with ordinary pliers, like barbed wire, or cut with scissors, it must spring. Therefore, the chainwire spiral safety barrier is made of high-carbon galvanized wire. SBB, reinforced with low-carbon wire is quickly deformed during operation.

Require a certificate of quality and which indicates the use of high-carbon wire.

Sometimes manufacturers offer a chainwire safety barrier which turns are connected by a bracket from a usual low-carbon wire or a galvanized thin tape.

Any intruder will easily open this bracket and penetrate beyond the perimeter through the spread turns.

Check the specifications

In Sbb Kozachka ™ and prickly spiral coils halberd ™ connections flat galvanized bracket thickness 1.2-1.5 mm and 1 cm.
In this tense barbed fence from the clip joint “dovetail” practically impossible roses’ unite. Attempts to unbend the bracket can result in serious injury and blood loss.

The diameter of the reinforcing wire has a significant effect on strength.
The practice has shown that the diameter of the reinforcing wire 2.5-2.65 mm is the most optimal. At thinner diameters, SBB will be easily deformed under the influence of malefactors, or at its tension in the course of installation. Its elastic properties will also have deteriorated.

But such a barrier to safety in the market is offered by some manufacturers. For example, when the diameter of the reinforcing wire is 2.2 m and the thickness of the barbed tape is 0.5 mm, indicates the total diameter of 3.2 mm.

When buying, specify the diameter of the reinforcing wire without tape.

Strengths to a spiral prickly barrier are given by the connection of turns by brackets. The more of them, the stiffer the barrier and the shorter the distance you can stretch the bay, respectively, will cost more per running meter of the fence. The running chainwire safety barrier with a diameter of 600 mm comes with 3 and 5 brackets.

Properties of the fence

High carbon reinforcement

The chainwire safety barrier retains its structure and shape after a snack in one or even several different places. The task is to detain the violator until the arrival of security guards. It can be overcome by cutting barbed tape with ordinary scissors and removing it from the reinforcing wire. After that, the spiral of smooth wire no longer creates obstacles.

It is impossible to cut the spiral barrier with rolled AKL scissors. Special metal-cutting tools, such as a bolt cutter, are required. The bolt cutter can cut any fence in seconds. But at a height of 2.5-3 meters, it is difficult to do – it’s time. When cutting the wire springs and seriously injures violators. In the time required to overcome the chainwire safety barrier with the help of special metal-cutting tools, a security team must arrive at the place of overcoming.

Another way to overcome the chainwire safety barrier is to build flooring through a flint with the help of boards or body warmers. An obstacle with a diameter of 600 mm and below can not withstand this method of overcoming.
Spiral 900 and above closes its turns over the attacker while crawling from the deck and burrows into his body with its spikes.

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