The courier company occupies a leading position in the market of postal and freight transportation, the advantage of the company is efficiency and courier delivery to the door. This company has established itself as a reliable carrier that can transport various goods in 24 hours. The company is actively developing and expanding offices.

In parallel with the services of freight transportation of postal parcels and other types of goods, the company is expanding and improving its service. Door-to-door delivery is one of the additional services of this carrier. Standard delivery involves transporting goods to one of the company’s branches. “Delivery to the door” means that the goods will be delivered to the home or office of the recipient. Freight transportation called to the supermarket is also included in the service – delivery of goods “door to door”.

Delivery by courier

Courier delivery is a very convenient service that helps the recipient save their time. Representative offices of the company are not located in all settlements. Therefore, first, the cargo arrives at the nearest warehouse of the recipient, and then delivery by courier carries out its final transportation.

Courier delivery of parcels and goods

Delivery of goods can be arranged by the sender, it can also be ordered by the recipient after the arrival of the goods at the warehouse. If the client wishes to carry out loading, cargo, from the structure directly in the transport of the carrier, the car and leave to it, delivery of freights is made out by the employee of the company on a place.

When registering freight on the company’s website, the customer indicates the scheme of departure. If the cargo is accompanied by a courier, delivery of goods directly to the recipient’s address may take up to 48 hours.

In addition to the delivery of large loads, the company also provides courier delivery of parcels in cities. The courier service delivers parcels and postal parcels to recipients at a time convenient for them. Courier delivery of parcels is made out, in the same way, as well as address delivery of large cargoes. Courier delivery of goods is considered an additional service, so its cost affects the total cost of transportation.

Postal and freight courier services

One of the most frequently ordered services in the service sector is courier services, cities-metropolises are served by courier services around the clock. Such delivery is the most rational decision because the recipient saves a lot of time and effort. And in terms of large cities, courier services are even more budget-friendly than self-pickup from the warehouse.

The postal express courier of the company carries out both the delivery of cargo and its loading in the transport of the cargo carrier. If you want to deliver bulky mail from the sender’s warehouse to the warehouse of the carrier or vice versa, the mail-freight courier will cope with this task. It is quite possible to receive cargo in the shortest possible time if you use the services of a courier, is one of the cities whose residents constantly turn to this service, calling couriers, especially for postal parcels.

How to call a courier

Calling a courier is very simple. It is enough for the client to make a phone call and order the courier delivery service of any parcel through the operator. You can also go to the site fill in all the necessary terms of the interactive form and call the courier. The whole procedure takes a few minutes, difficulties during registration do not arise even for inexperienced users of online resources.


For a rational selection of a vehicle for trucking, you need to know the theory of how to calculate the volume of cargo. To reduce transportation costs and, at the same time to pick up the truck of necessary capacity, it is necessary to calculate the volume of cargo and its weight, for the selection of transport of necessary loading capacity.

Cargo of one weight can have different volumes, for this reason, the carrier needs to consider all factors. For transportation to the cargo compartment, boxes of the same volume are installed for maximum space-filling, so there is a need to carry out such a process as volume calculation.

In order to calculate the volume of cargo, you need to know its dimensions. Such a task as calculating the volume of cargo is very important, both for the carrier and for the customer. Based on the volume and weight of boxes with cargo, the carrier selects the optimal transport for transportation. For the client, the volume of cargo is directly related to the cost of transportation. Because there are cases when a light load has large dimensions or vice versa.

How to calculate the dimensions and volume of a large load or box

How to calculate the dimensions of the cargo? To calculate the total volume of cargo you need to understand how to calculate the volume of the box. To do this, you need to know the dimensions such as length, width and height of the box. The values ​​of these parameters are multiplied, the result is the volume of one unit. In order to determine the total volume of cargo, in addition to such an operation as the calculation of the volume of the box, you need to multiply the results obtained from the first action by the number of units.

Cargo volume calculator

The calculation can be done independently, using formulas, it will take some time, especially when it comes to the delivery of large loads. There is an alternative, you can simplify the task and use a program such as a volume calculator. The cargo volume calculator is an online resource that allows you to perform an accurate automatic calculation in just a few minutes.

How to calculate the volumetric weight of the cargo

In addition to determining the actual weight, there is such a thing as calculating the volumetric weight of the cargo. This value is crucial for the evaluation of the transportation service, as well as for the selection of transport. The company provides an opportunity to calculate the volume weight of the cargo remotely. The Client may at any convenient time calculate the cost of the parcel service of any weight and dimensions.

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