Driving Training

And so you say to yourself: tired of waiting at a bus stop in the rain, a crush on the bus, and being late for work. Everything, city transport is over! It’s time to change to the car. Then you are faced with hundreds of questions like how to learn to drive yourself? Well, let’s start in order for driving training.

Can you learn to drive yourself?

In the Soviet Union, When cars were rather rare occurrences on the roads, it was possible to calmly get up early and wind kilometers. On the deserted streets, there was no danger of “kissing” any jeep or meeting the guardians of the law on their way. Now such a number would not work. Laws prohibit learning the basics of driving training on their own, external training has been abolished, so only driving training at schools remains of the possible options for driving training.

And for greater persuasiveness: for independent study (well, if you, of course, get caught) faces a fine of 5,000 to 15,000 dollars. Plus, if you were alone in the car, it will be evacuated to the car parking lot, for which you will have to pay according to the tariff. The owner of the car will pay twice as much – for transferring the vehicle to an unauthorized person, he will be fined 30,000 dollars.

What is the best time of the year to driver training?

To get the most out of your driving training, you need to choose the right time of year. Before going to driving training, think about when you will learn and when you will take your driving test. Typically, the training will last four months. This means that, while studying in the summer, you will have to take a driving test in the fall. Accordingly, a study in the fall – pass in the winter, a study in the winter – surrender in the spring, train in the spring – take the exam in the summer.

Training during the cold season and off-season will teach you how to drive better

Driving training school instructors advise training in winter and autumn. This way you better prepare yourself for the winter surprises. After all, the cold season and the off-season are the most dangerous times for driving. It is then that problems with an asterisk are solved: what is a skid and how to get out of a snow trap, how not to slip on ice and choose a speed based on weather conditions, and not just on road signs! And it’s better if you learn all these tricks with an instructor, rather than pay for ignorance in the body repair shop after an accident.

How to choose a driving school?

Going online, you will find a swarm of driving schools. Alas and ah, but not all of them are equally good. You can even say that there are only a few good ones. By what criteria to choose – we bend our fingers.

  • Choose a school near your home or work, save a lot of time, and will not miss classes.
  • Turn on Sherlock and investigate. Check on the official website of the traffic police if this driving school is registered. See if your license has expired.
  • Do not be lazy, go to a driving school, inspect the classrooms, they should be equipped with teaching aids, computers, and car simulators.
  • It will be useful to find out where the training ride is geographically held so that it is convenient to get there. Sometimes it happens that theoretical and practical classes are held in different parts of the city.
  • Check whether the training vehicles belong to the school or the instructors. Most often, instructors work on their own vehicles and this is not very good for you. Students are a dime a dozen, but the instructor has only one car. Therefore, it is more important for him to save his nurse than to teach you how to ride. As a result, your every wrong move will be accompanied by a shout or displeased sniffle. Do you need it?
  • Review the contract to make sure how much and for what you pay: will there be a parenthesis for gasoline, training car maintenance, teacher’s lunch?

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