In order to provide greater knowledge about other areas of electricity, we will present in detail the profession of industrial electricians, for example, what do industrial electricians do and what is the formation of an industrial electrician. We will also respond by answering whether the industrial electricians can sign any electrical projects. So come on guys!

The area of ​​electricity is extremely broad and analyzing only the profession of electricians we can divide this profession basically into two large groups which are, residential electricians or building electricians and industrial electricians. It is important to remember that within one of these large groups that we have defined, the professional can perform several different types of services. 

A good example that we can mention is the industrial electricians, who have the training and knowledge necessary to work as residential electricians, but the opposite does not apply, because it is necessary to have knowledge of electrical controls and electrical machines, for example.

Industrial electrician

We know that to keep a machine in perfect working order, professionals from various areas need to work, and the industrial electricians are one of those responsible for the perfect functioning of the electrical part of a machine and of a process as a whole.

Industrial electricians are electrical professionals who have technical knowledge and experience in assembly, predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance in electrical installations and industrial machinery. To perform these types of services it is necessary to have knowledge of electrical machines such as electric motors, overhead cranes, welding machines, presses, lathes, and milling machines.

It is important to highlight that having knowledge in electrical commands is essential for the industrial electrician, who uses the logic of commands, techniques, and specific methods to control the drives of electrical machines and equipment. Features like these are indispensable for the industrial electrician.

Industrial Electrician – Area of ​​expertise

The training of an industrial electrician allows this professional to be prepared to work in several areas, but as his name says, the industrial electrician has industry as his main field of action.

In addition to working in industries, the industrial electrician can work in construction companies, technical assistance for industrial machines, and own their own business, providing services for example.

Industrial Electrician – Activities

The industrial electrician is able to carry out assembly work, maintenance of industrial facilities, develop activities in electrical systems of machines and electrical equipment, carrying out load lifting, assembly of distribution boards, control panels, program logic controllers, perform the installation of devices, components and materials. In addition, it is necessary to know how to interpret electrical schematics and diagrams.

Industrial Electrician Course

As highlighted in this article, the industrial electrician must have sufficient qualifications to develop various types of activities, but in addition to experience in the area, having a good education is part of building a great professional.

There are specific courses for industrial electricians, where they must be able to perform the activities described above, but it is important to mention that industrial electricians may have different backgrounds, such as being a technician in electrotechnics or technicians in electromechanics.

We know that the industrial electrician can perform various activities, many of which depend on their training, one of which is to sign residential, building, or industrial electrical projects. Thus, an industrial electrician can indeed sign certain electrical projects, as long as his training qualifies him for such a function.

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