Garage Door

A person’s home is their castle and it would be foolish of them not to take care of the most important part: The garage door. Choosing which type of door you want can depend on your budget or personal preference but don’t forget that having good quality security for all entry points will mean less chance to break in!

The color of your garage door can be a major factor in the decision-making process. If you are looking for something to match with exterior colors, then it is important to find out what those colors are before going shopping. It’s always best if there aren’t any mismatched doors on either side or across from each other – that just looks tacky!

When it comes time to decide between pressure-treated and non-pressure treated wood, how do I know? Well luckily we have all the information below here at Garage Doors Direct so go and grab some coffee while you read through this article because reading about garages isn’t really as exciting as watching them being built… which brings me nicely to my next point: build quality!

Today, a huge number of varieties of garage doors are presented on the market. They differ not only in the principle of operation but also in all kinds of decorative design options. How to choose a gate structure among all the varieties that will meet the criteria of reliability, convenience, and compactness? The answer to this question is in the article.

Which garage door type should you choose?

Gates for a garage can be of several types: sliding, swing, roller shutter, sectional. The first two options are suitable for rooms where there are no restrictions on the use of space. For maximum compactness, we recommend giving preference to a sectional design. It is a canvas of sections connected by loops. When lifting such a gate, the rollers move along the guides, moving it under the ceiling. As for the roll type, they also do not take up much space, because the principle of operation is to twist onto a shaft. But it is recommended to purchase them for internal use in order to avoid situations of deformation and freezing in winter.

Questions to ask before buying a garage door

When we buy a product, we, first of all, expect that it will meet the highest quality indicators. In order for expectations and reality to coincide, we advise you to pay attention not only to the decor of the gate but also to the technical characteristics. To do this, it is important to clarify several important points with the technical specialist of the company where you are going to make a purchase:

What is the density of the filler and the thickness of the steel?

The polyurethane foam filling is responsible for thermal insulation and affects wind resistance.

Classic doors have a sandwich panel thickness of 45 mm, which is comparable to a brick wall of 60 centimeters.

The characteristics of the thickness of the metal and the system of joining the sheets are important, which are responsible for the rigidity and strength. For the manufacturer Alutech, this figure ranges from 0.8-1.2 mm for the household series and 2 mm for the industrial one. It is important that it is at least 0.7 mm. 2.

How sealing is ensured?

In a reliable design, elastic EDPM seals are always present at the bottom and sides, which create an air chamber – a snug fit and, accordingly, protection from drafts, dust, and precipitation.

Corrosion resistant

This criterion is of particular importance since corrosion spoils the appearance and affects performance. Before buying, it is necessary to clarify what materials the fittings are made of, what type of external coating, whether it is possible to additionally purchase a package for anti-corrosion treatment.

Safe use guarantees

Make sure the gate meets the safety standards EN 12604: protection against spring breakage, pinching.

Selection by purpose

Garage doors Group offers two types of gates: domestic and industrial. Outwardly, they are similar, but the construct itself has differences due to which they are used in certain areas. Already by the name, it becomes clear that household appliances are installed mainly in private garages, and the industrial series is installed at objects with high intensity of use: parking lots, parking lots, service stations, car washes, transport and logistics centers, hangars, warehouses.