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This article is dedicated to men, who are in a very important stage of Engagement rings life. You decided to propose marriage, you imagine what is coming and how great it will be to be with that special person for life, but do you have any idea how to propose marriage? or how to choose the engagement rings? In this guide we hope to solve all the problems related to this topic and unveil the complex world of Engagement rings and some tips for the marriage proposal.

Define Budget :

First things first, define a budget. To define how much to spend on an Engagement rings , you must be clear about the reality of the market. In Chile, we could say that the minimum to be spent is $ 250,000 CLP and hence the prices go up depending on the quantity of stones and their quality (don’t worry, we will explain all this below).

Choose A Jewelry :

This is a detail not less, each jewelry is a different world, they have different designs and combinations, stones and possibilities. In addition, they will accompany and advise you on a key stage, so we recommend you choose one where its professionals in charge make you feel comfortable and at ease.Schedule an appointment and begin the challenge of choosing the perfect Engagement rings for your future girlfriend.

The Engagement rings : Choose The Band Material :

One of the first things will be to choose the material for the Engagement rings band, here we name the most commonly used, these are:

Steel :  Steel is very economical, the most economical of all materials. The great advantage is that it is anti-allergic and does not scratch so easily, but at the same time it is impossible to correct the size once it has been ordered from the jeweler.

Silver :  Silver is a low-cost material due to its great abundance. It usually joins with other metals to harden it but this alloy can generate a color change in its final presentation.

Yellow Gold :  It is the classic of jewelry and there are also many types of alloys and qualities, ask in your jewelry, we recommend that you look for the highest possible quality (18 kt).

White Gold : White Gold is the result of Palladium added to Fine Gold, this process generates a dark gray color and much more resistance and durability, but in turn loses the original shine of Gold.

Platinum : It is a white metal and is the hardest of all, which makes it difficult for goldsmiths. It does not contain alloys of any kind and works naturally as it is. It is of very high durability and its color is maintained over time without problems. Therefore it is one of the most expensive materials.

engagement rings

The Diamond :

Choosing a diamond for the ring is no accident. Diamonds are chosen because they are eternal and also in the proposition it is manifested that the love of both is also.When buying a diamond there are many variables to know, the main ones are the following:

Cut : The size or cut of the diamond can be of different shapes and quality. One of the most common is a brilliant cut (round 58 facets), princess cut (square) or baguette cut (rectangular). The quality of the cut directly affects the refraction of light.

Color :  Diamonds have color variations, from a yellow tone to a completely transparent one. This influences the value as well, the more transparent, the more expensive.

Clarity :  Refers to how pure the stone is and how many inclusions it can have. The inclusions within the diamond are usually invisible to the naked eye and there is an international letter classification that measures it. (FL-IF, or flowless is maximum clarity)

Carat :  It is the total weight of the stone and obviously the bigger, heavier and higher value. Weight is measured in carats (1 carat = 0.20 grams). The diamond the bigger it is, the scarcer and therefore its price goes up.

TIP : If you choose a solitaire engagement rings (with a stone in the center) you can get a much better quality stone for a decent price, than if you choose a headband Engagement rings (with many stones embedded above the band). You will probably need to choose lower quality stones to keep the price friendly.

Choosing The Ring Size :

It is not easy for a man to buy a woman’s shoes, clothes (they always end up changing or adjusting it) or in this case jewelry. The measurement of the ring is complicated since you will have to resort to the most unimaginable tactics to achieve this measurement.

TIP :  You can take your favorite ring and mark it on a mold, a bar of soap would be perfect. Then you leave it where you found it, without moving ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Women have a detector that senses if someone moved or used something without their permission. If she noticed that you borrowed her ring, you’re liquidated, you ruined the surprise.

In technical terms, measurements are also measured in points, centimeters and millimeters do not work, since from one millimeter to another there are four points in engagement rings measurements.You should choose the closest measurement to the original with your jeweler and in some cases ask if it can be enlarged or reduced. In certain jewelers you can vary up to two points, that is if you choose a 12, you can enlarge a 14 or reduce a 10, but consult your jeweler if it is possible to do this process and in what material it is possible to do it.

Ring Box For Delivery :

The box is not a minor detail, since it must be light, discreet and elegant. Chances are, you’re taking him with you for a long time until you find a time to make the proposition.Take it protected and safe with you and do not neglect it. Again! Women have a sensor for this kind of thing, if you leave it in a bag, chances are that her feminine instinct will lead her to look for anything in that bag and find the box ahead of time.

Engagement rings Delivery Time :

This is key, coordinating the delivery date with your jewelry. They know, they have done it for centuries and you must trust them and not despair. They will discreetly notify you when your engagement rings is ready.The range is between two weeks to a month. If you plan to propose in a restaurant, do not schedule anything until you have the Diamond ring in your hands.

Engagement rings

Tips For The Groom :

Do not ask friends about the size of the ring : There are no people less discreet than the girlfriend’s friends. They are going to joke and in some cases even a misplaced person asks her directly for her ring size to give it to you. It is an intelligence task, do not trust anyone.

Don’t involve relatives before the proposition : Close relatives tend to get excited and start making jokes about it, giving clues for your girlfriend to detect that something is happening.

Don’t look at his hands : Trying to figure out the size of the ring or start looking at his hands is a sign that something is up. Your girlfriend will be alert waiting. If you suddenly propose to go to a fancy restaurant, you are liquidated, surprise ruined.

Don’t talk to him about it :  “My love? How would you like me to propose to you?” This happens, please do not do it, if you are a man reading this article, be creative and connect with your partner, you know her better than anyone, but for what you want the most do not talk about the topic!

Erase the trace on your computer : Watch out !! When you search Google, the browser will save data to put in your Facebook ads and other shopping sites.For example: If I search for “engagement rings”, probably all the advertising you see on shopping sites, on your social networks and all your internet, has to do with engagement rings.How to avoid it? All searches you do, do them in incognito mode from your browser. Write it down on a piece of paper and take it with you, not on your cell phone. Create a special email account to receive notifications.

TIP : If you don’t do it carefully, your girlfriend will think that you are walking in strange steps and imagine the worst, she will enter investigator mode and believe me that you DO NOT want your girlfriend to enter investigator mode.