Bathroom Renovation

The average price to reform a Bathroom Renovation of about 5.40 m² is around € 3,500, according to data from the habitissimo platform. And this cost can be much higher depending on the type of reform, the materials used and the quality of the finishes. As for the time taken to carry out the reform of a Bathroom Renovation, it can vary greatly depending, above all, on the magnitude of the project, but on average it is estimated 10 days. However, if we do not have the money or the necessary time there are small changes that will make this room in the house completely different.One of these changes is saving tiles. Plating a Bathroom Renovation is something a big budget line can go into.

 Tiling the walls and floor of a 5 m² bathroom has an average price of € 2,000, around € 25-30 / m², although in the case of some materials it could reach € 90-100 / m², according to registered prices. on the habitissimo platform. However, there are inexpensive options, for example, covering only the bottom of the walls with tiles. This leaves the upper part free with which we will be able to use fewer tiles and reduce the budget. You can take advantage to paint it in some color or simply give it a coat of white paint, which is cheaper. Another option is to paint tiles. In this way we avoid having to remove the previous tile. It is an interesting option for older Bathroom Renovation, those that feature classic non-relief veneers. Maybe you can just paint one of the walls to give it depth, leaving the rest in the original color.

Tips For Bathroom Renovation :

Bathroom furniture can be another interesting element in this change, with an immense variety of prices. We can find cheap bathroom furniture, with a medium quality, that will adjust to the current aesthetic and that will give a radical turn to your bathroom. On the other hand, you should not forget to also change the taps, since it is the best way to make your bathroom look different. “As for trends, currently Renovation it takes everything, but we recommend the white furniture.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

 They make the bathrooms more spacious and we can always give them color with small decorative elements or with the textile” they say from habitissimo. On the other hand, if what you are interested in is changing the floor but you do not want to invest too much money, you can bet on those options in which you do not need to remove the previous pavement.Laminates or vinyl are suitable for wet areas, although there are also alternatives such as polished cement, which is also placed directly on the previous pavement without having to do rubble work, saving us time and money.

Another of the changes that is most in demand today is to eliminate the bathtub and install a shower. There are Bathroom Renovation that are not bad in veneer, their toilets are practically new and the furniture can also be used. The change from bath to shower is functional and aesthetic. It will not only transform the aesthetics of the Bathroom Renovation completely. In addition, it will make this stay much more comfortable. Changing the bathtub for a shower tray, leaving this corner perfect and ready for use, can be around 1,200 euros, according to the budget recorded on habitissimo.

Finally, the decorative power of the paintings should not be forgotten. Not everyone dares, but if we think about it, it is a room like any other, so a painting can perfectly adorn the walls giving it another touch. If you do not want to drill holes in the tiles, there are paste-like fasteners that will work without problem and will make the tiles stay fixed.