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Motorcycle theft is just a disaster. For motorcyclists, such an incident is akin to losing a sword from a samurai. The feeling when the pearl of your garage and the outlet of summer days was stolen is indescribable.

What to do, how to take care of motorcycle safety?

  • Locks, shackles, cables, and chains
  • Alarm, Lighthouse
  • Choosing a parking spot
  • Case
  • Removing parts
  • Tuning

Locks, shackles, cables and chains

A popular topic among motorists, but for some reason most of them use them only at the place of overnight stay. Like for the night near the house I will wrap a chain and goodies. They do not always carry them with them, but they do.

All sorts of locks and brackets, with mounting on the steering wheel and wheel, like a trifle, but at least some primary protection from inexperienced thieves or people who simply cannot pass by. Pads on the front and rear wheels, a more powerful argument.

There are individuals who hang carabiners by pinning the nearest wheel spokes with a front fork blade or chain, a swingarm on the rear wheel.

A case from life: when a friend at a tourist gathering put the carbine on his rear wheel for the night, and in the morning after a sleepless night he simply forgot about it … He started the motorcycle and tried to leave. Actually, he pulled out the needles and overturned himself. It happens. Be careful friends.

Alarm and beacon

The age of technology, why go far there. Many people get by only with signaling, considering the lighthouse an expensive gadget. But to be honest, if a motorcycle is stolen, nothing but a lighthouse will give the last hope to catch thieves on the tail.

Choosing a parking spot

The easiest way is to pay for the park. For those who park in the city, a separate bonus will be looking for a place with a possible location of cameras or not far from a busy part. It is unlikely that someone will be able to throw your motorcycle near the entrance and not be completely invisible. Parking where there may be witnesses is a curious self-defense option.


– And this is protection against theft? Really? – someone will say.

First, the fewer people see your motorcycle, the fewer passers-by will cling to it. Not all pilots, when in your absence, passers-by tend to sit on a motorcycle, take a selfie “look, I’m driving!” or something like that.

Secondly, a person who crawls under the cover and does not outwardly look like a motorcyclist attracts attention. It is possible to unscrew something under the cover, but it does not always work the first time. If you throw off the cover, it also attracts attention. And if a case with an alarm? There are such people too.

In any case, this causes some inconvenience for a person who wants to steal a motorcycle quietly.

Removing parts

If you are tech-savvy and your motorcycle allows you to carry out minor manipulations with you, then why not?

Someone unscrews the candles, someone takes out the battery. One of my fellow electricians got used to opening the electrical circuit from the generator, he simply made additional terminals that he disconnected when he left. And then he came up with a secret by analogy.

This will not help when they decide to steal your motorcycle by simply throwing it into the back of a van, but it will prevent self-made craftsmen who want to leave on your iron friend on their own.


The more bells and whistles in your technique, the harder it is to sell it as a whole. Technical tuning, of course, will rather play into the hands of thieves, because from selling a motorcycle for parts they will be able to earn more money for your newfangled gadgets.

But as for tuning the exterior … Good old airbrushing makes the motorcycle unique. The drawing is often not for everybody and such an appearance is etched into memory, just like unusual headlights or backlights. Any cosmetic tuning makes a motorcycle one of a kind, which means that it will be difficult to sell it as a whole, and it will be easier to find it at first, to recognize it among the mass of stolen people.

Pretty blond woman enjoying a motorbike ride outdoors in green nature.

I had a friend who dreamed of a Yamaha supersport with all his heart, so a brand new, fresh motorcycle. He saved up for a very long time. And by great luck, a successful motorcycle turned up for good money, the first thing he spent on tuning. Outwardly, the motorcycle has become just a candy.

And then, in the second season, the motorcycle was stolen. They were taken to a neighboring region, but the locals had never seen such motorcycles there. They did not have such roads for the townspeople to cut them on sportbikes, that’s enduro yes. Rumors spread around the region among motorcyclists, they say, but there suddenly appeared such a motorcycle … such … where does SUCH motorcycle come from?

And so it happened that simple word of mouth helped to find the unit, based on the increased attention of passers-by and just a description. 


The general takeaway is that there is nothing better than combining motorcycle protection. As with gear that is never superfluous, protecting your bike won’t make it worse. Yes, you will spend more time getting it ready for parking .. while you put on a chain or cable with a lock, while you cover it with a cover, install the alarm. But all these tambourine dances will give your motorcycle a chance to stay in place until the morning.