Remember what you pay attention to when you get to the main street in your city? Right. Advertising signage, numerous, bright, colorful, and diverse, literally fill the facades of buildings, shops, restaurants, and boutiques. It is worth trying to figure out where the popularity of advertising and informational signs came from and why researchers believe that every successful business begins with it.

More recently, marketers have conducted a survey: two thousand people who visited certain establishments were asked just one very simple question. They were asked why they went to this particular store, bakery or cafe, and not to another place. 49% of those surveyed stated unequivocally that they became visitors simply because they liked the illuminated sign made of backlit letters. Some were pleased with the Big Color scheme, others appreciated the informativeness or an unusually attractive name, but one way or another, without an outdoor advertising sign, these establishments would not have received these customers and would have lost a solid share of their revenue.

Effective advertising signage is the basic rule of manufacturing and operation.

1. The high cost of manufacturing is not always the key to success.

Not infrequently, experts from advertising agencies seek to impose on the client the most expensive version of the sign, which is too exotic and fanciful. But do not get fooled by such provocations. A pompous advertising structure full of small details and flashy colors is more likely to alienate a potential client. The overwhelming majority of the people surveyed entered the stores because of their name and style, in which the signage was made, attracted by their creativity and originality.

2. The simpler the name on the letter board, the more people will remember it.

Yes, you heard right, it is with simplicity that entrepreneurs who are competent in this matter win customers. An intricate name, which is difficult not only to remember but even to read to the end, will not add popularity to the company. And if you sell food products in a store, the word “Products” will illustrate your activity much more clearly than a tricky borrowing of the foreign advertising brand. People more readily remember and then tell their friends not too long names, simple, understandable, but bright and interesting. If you add visual design, an illuminated sign with LED backlighting will “play” in the eyes of a potential customer and will bring a whole stream of new customers or customers to the store.

3. Compliance of the advertising sign with the specifics and pricing policy of the establishment.

Thousands of people walk the streets of the city every day for some purpose. They look around and it is according to the information on the advertising signage that they are guided which of the nearest establishments meets their requirements and interests. This means that in addition to a simple name, clear letters, attractive colors, and bright lighting, each signage also needs logic. Here’s a simple example: an expensive gourmet restaurant serving gourmet dishes can easily afford to make a bulky sign with gilded letters, hinting that every visitor will leave an impressive amount there. But a budget coffee shop, the main advantage of which is democratic prices, does not need such signage. Here we need completely different colors, types, and execution.

4. The color of the sign and backlight matters.

You hardly planned to place green signage on a green facade, because it will not be conspicuous. But even for those who don’t like to stand out, this advice will be useful: for signage made of volumetric letters or light boxes, it is better to use contrasting colors. Not necessarily very bright, but intense, eye-catching. White letters on a dark blue background are elegant and restrained, but bright enough. An excellent choice for companies whose corporate identity includes these shades.

5. Accommodation Or where will the new signboard be?

We’ve talked about a lot, but haven’t yet mentioned where is the best place to place advertising signage. Marketers believe that the best location is the façade of a building. If your establishment is hidden, say, by a turn, an arrow-pointer, or an additional small sign on the wall of the house or on the roof, will serve you very well, guiding customers and preventing them from getting lost. Such signs, as well as small signs, can be placed both in the immediate vicinity and even at a distance of several kilometers from the organization. According to research, customer loyalty is significantly increased if they see a sign and a sign with the text “Supermarket PRODUCTS (100 meters =>)”.

Use these little tricks to make your store signage a profitable outdoor ad.