Working as a courier is quite simple, does not require special skills, therefore, the payment is not high at first.

It is an employee who delivers business correspondence and goods. This is a great profession, but is it right for you? With great respect for your future and for you personally, we have developed an accurate tool that will help you greatly narrow the range of professions suitable for you. For pupils/students and adults.

The profession of a courier is essential these days to deliver gifts, flowers, merchandise, and many other things that cannot be simply emailed. Courier delivery is a guarantee that the customer will receive his package on time, and the very fact of receipt will be certified by a sign indicating the date and time. Thus, it is a profession no less important than that of office workers and requires a serious approach.

In most cases, couriers travel from point to point by public transport, on foot or by car. It must be well versed in the streets of the settlement in which he will have to work. In some cities, it is much more difficult to navigate. For example, in New York, all the avenues and streets ( street ) intersect at right angles and are numbered in order. And finding a house in one of the remote areas in Almaty is quite difficult. Or it is possible to spend not a single hour looking for the desired address, but in the end, it turns out that the indicated street was renamed a long time ago.

You can start working while still a university student. In most cases, these are part-time or evening students. Many of those who work as couriers perceive such employment as temporary.

Important. A courier in diplomatic work is not junior staff. Diplomatic courier (a diplomatic) – an official who is entrusted with the delivery of diplomatic mail. He enjoys diplomatic immunity.

Required professional skills and knowledge of a Courier

  • the ability to navigate the city and unfamiliar territory
  • ability to work with modern office equipment

Personal qualities

  • endurance.
  • punctuality
  • presentable appearance
  • professional driving skills (in the case of working on vehicles)
  • responsibility (the courier is financially responsible for the delivered goods or letters)
  • mobility
  • decency
  • accuracy
  • sociability
  • charm, no bad habits.

Pros and cons of the profession


  • availability in most cases of free schedule
  • the opportunity to make useful contacts, knowledge of the addresses of many companies
  • the opportunity for career growth (if the courier proves himself well)
  • good job for part-time employment, additional income


  • small courier salary
  • inappropriate behavior of some customers
  • the need to work in any weather (rain, snow, cold, heat)
  • the need to deliver rather heavy parcels, which can negatively affect health
  • the need to spend a long time “on your feet”

Place of work

  • firms and companies specializing in the sale of goods via the Internet and trade by catalogs
  • companies with a courier department
  • mail order companies
  • companies that regularly send the press, bank statements, and accounts (media, telecommunications companies, cellular operators, financial institutions)
  • postal operators providing express delivery services

Career and salary



As a bonus, employers can pay for travel or cellular communications.

If you want to make good money, grow professionally, then you can contact a special courier service. In fact, they are an alternative to regular state mail, which delivers parcels with notice.

After a few years of impeccable service as a messenger, there is a very real opportunity to get a position in one of the company’s departments – in many companies, it is customary to trust their trusted employees, and not job seekers from the street.

Courier training

Specialized services prefer to hire people with higher secondary education. A small company will be hired after school.

You can easily get a job as a courier without work experience. In general, this work does not imply any special education, but only instruction, which can be obtained on the spot.