Vehicle Wraps

We shower and change our clothes every day for personal hygiene and to stay at our best looks for our professions. The same applies to business vehicles. Vehicle wraps graphics are vehicles’ clothing.  Car washes are showers that keep them pristine. In addition to ourselves, our business assets (such as our vehicles) need to be neat and organized based on our psychological instincts.

Below are ten consequences that follow if a business’ vehicle wraps with graphics is not regularly cleaned:

1) The Vehicle Becomes Dirty

Without a doubt, the instant side effect of not cleaning a vehicle or at the vehicle wraps is that it becomes dirty. Bird droppings, dust, mud, tree sap, bug splatters, and any other dirty substances will stay on the vehicle’s surface.  If not cleaned regularly, it just gets dirtier and dirtier.  This has a business, reputation, and psychological implications as you will discover below.

2) The Brand Will Be Covered In Dirt

Business vehicles have vehicle wraps and graphics that showcase their branding. These graphics additions to the vehicle wraps present the brand’s professionalism and commitment to its specialty. If the branding graphics become dirty, it immediately affects the impressions generated from them. 

Your brand is your companies greatest asset – it is your name, reputation, and how you are identified by others.  You want to protect and care for this asset.

3) The Vehicle Advertisement Becomes Ineffective

Aside from representing a brand, sometimes fleet vehicles are assigned to put on fleet wraps and graphics for advertising campaigns. A clean vehicle wraps is a prerequisite for any vehicle wrapping projects. And the vehicles should remain clean throughout the campaign period for the best promotion effects. A vehicle advertisement that is dirty will appear to be out-of-date or unimportant to its viewers. 

4) More Effort Will be Required To Clean 

The longer you wait to wash the vehicle wraps, the more work it will take to get it thoroughly cleaned. This is because the layer of dirt has thickened over time and the contaminants might have become hardened on the surface. Reduce the effort and time required to clean your wrapped fleet vehicles by washing your vehicle wraps regularly.  If your crew has primary possession of the vehicle, consider creating a schedule and reminders for regular cleanings.  (We all know some of these vehicles would never get cleaned if not part of job responsibilities. 😉 )  

5) Irreversible Damage To The Vehicle’s Appearance

As the dirty substances (including dust, fuel spills, pollen, bird droppings, etc.) accumulate on the vehicle’s surface, they become hardened and more difficult to remove. Here is a guide on what dirty substances are and how to remove them. More than just advertising, vinyl wraps and graphics are create a protective layer to the vehicle’s original paint surface. However, just like paint, they are not immune to the damage from accumulated dirty contaminants. Heavy scrubbing and strong chemicals can cause superficial damage, like scratches and abrasion, to the vehicle’s appearance.  Regular cleaning with a soft cloth hand mild detergent will eliminate the risk of damage if it gets to the point of requiring elbow grease, abrasive implements, or strong cleaning agents. 

6) Undermine The Brand’s Professional Image

Service fleet graphics and sales fleet graphics play an important role to establish a business’ professionalism to its prospects and customers. A service business drives their service vehicles to customers’ doors to perform services. And a sales team’s vehicles have logos and text graphics to represent their brand while they persuade prospects into customers. 

These vehicle wraps are the face of the businesses. It is essential for them to look decent and impeccable to display reliability, professionalism, expertise, and quality.

7) Influence The Vehicle Users’ Moods

Who does not enjoy being surrounded by a clean environment? To a service business’ working crew and drivers, their work vehicle is the environment they live in every day. And for transportation businesses, their vehicles are the environment their passenger’s experience. The appearance of these vehicle wraps has a positive relationship with their users’ feelings. According to  UK business advice organizations, a clean environment has positive effects on businesses, such as employee motivation, happy employees, sense of well-being, and reputable company image. 

8) Spread Negative Word Of Mouth

Looks matter. You are judged by your appearance.  Even though we were taught that it is not nice to judge based on appearances, we still do so. From a business standpoint, this is why branding has such a significant impact. If a brand (keep in mind that a business’ vehicles are the carriers and representatives of the brand) is not well maintained and designed, the outcomes are that it is negligible, insignificant, and chances are that it becomes a joke to people. That kind of negative word of mouth spreads like wildfire. It will be brand-damaging for a cleaning company, or food service vehicle to be driving around town in unwashed condition.

9) Loss Of Potential And Current Customers

Vehicle graphics are involved in every part of a customer’s experience: from awareness, consideration, decision, retention, through promotion. They weigh in potential and current customers’ impressions of and experiences with the business. The negative impressions of the brand generated from a dirty vehicle can cost customer attrition.

10) Shorten The Life Span Of The Vehicle Wraps And Graphics 

Quality and maintenance can extend durability and longevity. Lack of care for the vinyl wraps and graphics means they will be due for a replacement sooner. Riveting Wraps uses top-of-the-line vinyl materials for all of our wraps and graphics. We emphasize the importance of clean vehicles before and after a wrap installation. Vehicle wrapping is an investment that lasts when we take good care of it.