Warehouse safety barrier

From a warehouse safety barrier point of view, a warehouse is, firstly, a place of work for personnel who may be threatened by various emergencies ( fires, explosions, etc.). Secondly, a warehouse safety barrier is a storing material value. They can also be threatened by fires, explosions, etc., as well as thefts ( including by employees) and damage. Thirdly, a warehouse safety barrier is different equipment, life support systems of an enterprise and the buildings themselves, which also need protection: any damage to them ( for example, damage to a building by a truck) can entail a threat to both personnel and everything that is stored in the warehouse.

Thus, the main requirements for warehouse safety barrier are as follows:


■ organized access control to the territory of the warehouse safety barrier complex and to life support facilities;

■ maximum safety of personnel, material values ​​, and equipment on the territory of the warehouse, inside the building, in the area of ​​life support facilities;

■ safety of personnel, material assets, and vehicles at unloading and parking;

■ fire safety of the facility.

What areas of the warehouse is important to protect?

To ensure the security of the warehouse, it is very important to protect areas such as the warehouse safety barrier, perimeter, warehouse area, and buildings. I’ll go into more detail about this later.

So, in front of us is a warehouse. Or rather, so far only the territory fenced around the perimeter with a fence. The perimeter needs good protection so that strangers and intruders cannot get into the warehouse by climbing over the fence or, for example, breaking it. what to be able to control everyone who enters the warehouse, checkpoints are located around the perimeter. Also, a fire gate ( for cars) and a gate ( for personnel) can be installed in the perimeter in case of evacuation in the event of a fire. They also need to be protected from the penetration of unauthorized persons.

We pass through the checkpoint and go further into the territory of the warehouse safety barrier. Here it is necessary to control the traffic in order to understand which cars should and which should not be in the warehouse. It is also important to keep track of workers moving around the area in order to be aware of which actions they do not correspond to the working algorithm of the enterprise.

After passing through the territory, we enter the warehouse building. Reliable protection of warehouse safety barrier is necessary here, above all the entrances and exits, so that no one can bring inside something dangerous or endure something of value. It is also necessary to control the unloading and loading gates to track the movement of inventory items: it is important that nothing happens to the goods and that they are taken in the right direction, so that everything is unloaded from the vehicle on time and nothing is forgotten there, etc.

And, of course, you need to protect the main aisles between the shelves to ensure high-quality and safe storage of goods. It is necessary to keep track of who is approaching the shelves, what product is taken from the shelf, why it was damaged, etc.

Finally, it is necessary to ensure the safety of buildings and premises in which the life support systems of the enterprise are located: a boiler room, treatment facilities, water tanks, electricity generators, etc.

What to protect the warehouse: Technical solutions

Different security systems are used to protect like warehouse safety barrier different areas in the warehouse. If we talk about the perimeter and fire exits, these are burglar alarms and video surveillance. The fire gate, in addition to these two systems, is also protected by the ACS. In the checkpoint area, an ACS and a video surveillance module are used, and on the very territory of the warehouse – video surveillance and sound notification systems.

The warehouse building is protected more seriously with the help of a large number of security system modules: video surveillance, access control systems, burglar and fire alarms, sound warning systems and special search systems ( for example, a metal detector).

What are the features and tasks of all technical solutions in the warehouse?

According to the norms, each warehouse, first of all, must be equipped with a fire alarm and a fire extinguishing system, thanks to which it is possible to notify the staff about the occurrence of a fire and eliminate it. Considering that there is a large accumulation of flammable materials ( for example, boxes, paper) in the warehouse and the likelihood of fire here is high, it becomes clear why it is so important to use a fire alarm. She is equipped with the entire internal space of the warehouse, as well as the premises of the enterprise’s life support systems.

Recently, the role of video surveillance systems in the warehouse has been increasing. The facility can use both stationary ( uncontrolled) cameras to monitor the general situation, and domed controllable cameras that allow you to get a more detailed picture. If we talk about the resolution of video devices, then, as our experience shows, at present customers install high-resolution analog cameras throughout the warehouse, but in the unloading and loading areas they prefer to use HD or even Full HD cameras.

In general, all video surveillance used in the warehouse can be divided into several segments: video surveillance of the perimeter, video surveillance of checkpoints and all entrances on the territory, video surveillance of the territory, and video surveillance inside the warehouse. Each case has its own peculiarities of using these systems.