Wedding Ring

Today we’ll talk about the wedding ring. What they are, how to choose them, how much they cost and where it is better to look for them.

Wedding accessories form a separate category from other jewelry. This is largely due to the fact that such decoration often becomes the most important decoration in the life of the bride and groom.

It is customary to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand. But in some other countries, it is worn on the left hand.

The wedding ring is worn on the right hand in addition to Russia, in the former Soviet republics, as well as in Argentina, India, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Venezuela, Poland, Greece, Chile, Iceland.

The wedding ring is worn on the left hand in South and North America, practically in all European countries, in Japan and Korea, in Cuba, Turkey, Australia, and Armenia.

Let’s immediately understand that engagement and engagement rings are different. The groom puts the engagement ring on the bride’s finger when he proposes to her. The wedding ring is worn on the wedding day and worn throughout life, as a sign of love and fidelity.

Regardless of the hand on which you plan to wear the ring, it serves primarily as a symbol of the endless life path of lovers. In the sense that once and for all.

Therefore, choosing wedding rings is often much more difficult than conventional jewelry. Such rings are usually made in the same style, which should satisfy the aesthetic pleasure of both parties to the wedding. And since these rings will accompany them throughout their lives, their choice is sometimes accompanied by the suffering of biblical proportions.

I will try to tell you about all types of rings so that when you leave the house you already know exactly which rings you want to find and how much they will cost you.

How to choose wedding rings

Without going into details, wedding rings are most often found from:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum.

They can be with or without stones. Stones can be:

  • Precious
  • Semiprecious
  • Not precious

In shape, wedding rings are:

  • Classic (simple smooth)
  • Original (all others)

What metal to choose wedding rings


95% of all wedding rings are made of 585 gold. Today gold is sold in the store at a price of about 3000 dollars per gram. A classic (smooth) engagement ring can weigh an average of 4 grams.

It all depends on the size and thickness of the rolled product. A man’s ring can weigh 5 grams, a woman’s 3 grams. Therefore, we can say that the middle ring will weigh 4 grams.

It turns out that two rings weigh 8 grams and cost 3000 dollars per gram. As a result, buying a pair of the most ordinary classic wedding rings will cost you 24,000 dollars.

Today you can find many items made of lemon and white gold. Remember that the fineness, not the color, determines the price of gold. White gold of 585 assay value is equal in value to red gold of the same grade, as well as lemon.

Some sellers argue the higher cost of white gold by the fact that it is less common in nature. Remember that this is nonsense. Gold is first mined, then purified to 999 samples, and then diluted with other metals to achieve the desired color. Don’t be fooled.


Silver wedding rings are a little less common than gold ones. But any major jewelry store can satisfy your desire. The most common sample of silver 925, I advise you to look for just such rings. Today silver of this sample will be sold in a jewelry store at a price of about 500 dollars per gram.

It turns out that the same two rings weighing 8 grams will cost you 4000 dollars.

Note that silver is slightly softer than gold. Therefore, in order for silver wedding rings to be durable, I advise you to choose models of greater weight and thickness.

Today you can find many options with beautiful patterns, diamond processing. If you like silver more than gold, feel free to choose wedding bands made from this shiny metal.

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