Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are not just jewelry that gives each other a future marriage, it is a symbol of eternal love, strong relationships and a kind of amulet of a happy marriage. Newlyweds are always touched by the choice of jewelry before marriage. Every couple before such an important event in a life carefully prepares and selects all the accessories in accordance with traditions and fashion trends.

What are wedding rings?

Undoubtedly, every couple who decides to tie their lives in marriage, believes that it will be a one-time. For this reason, the newlyweds try to choose the best and trendiest, in order to make their wedding day especially beautiful. This also applies to the choice of gold products.

Wedding rings for the bride and groom are very diverse in shape, material, and symbolism. The following categories can be conditionally distinguished:

  • form – from classics to new design solutions
  • material – metal, stone, a combination of materials
  • symbolism – with engraving: inscriptions, dates, oaths

If about 10 years ago it was safe to say that most newlyweds prefer classic gold products for weddings, the trends of modern times dictate their rules and come into force new fashion design innovations.

Who should buy it?

In the recent past, the decision to buy wedding rings, what they should be, where to buy them, decided only the groom. It was his duty to know all the signs. The man had to buy this jewelry in the same store, definitely at the same time.

Modern couples come to the accessories salon together, and decide together which set is better to choose. Of course, there is no strict prohibition for someone to make a decision in jewelry matters, but it is worth noting that wedding rings should be if not the same, then at least coincide in style and be of the same metal.

Based on this, you should make a conclusion and immediately note one important thing: before you make a quick purchase, and as a result of disappointing your partner, ask in advance which of the metals your future husband or your future wife prefers.

Why size is important?

The size of the ring plays an important role. If it falls, it is easy to lose, while the undersized will crush the finger and cause discomfort. There are some tips to help you choose the ring exactly the size of your finger.

  • You should not buy this jewelry in the cold season. Winter is not the best season for this. However, there is always a way out. You can stay in the jewelry salon for at least half an hour, first removing the gloves. Your hands will warm up to room temperature, and during this time you can consider the range in the window.
  • The optimal time for fitting in the middle of the day. This is due to the physiology of the body. In the morning and in the evening, the fingers tend to swell and increase slightly in size.
  • Also, do not try on future wedding rings immediately after visiting the gym, pool, recently taken bath.
  • Pay attention to how the jewelry passes through the finger joints.

Wedding rings with stones

Jewelry inlaid with precious stones looks very beautiful, has a special charm, and has a special solemnity. If before the vast majority of couples chose classic gold and smooth wedding rings, now the preference is increasingly given to products with stones.

Earlier it was believed that a wedding ring should be simple, smooth, even. It promised the same smooth and peaceful life of the future family. However, time does not stand still, and new signs, modern beliefs, and traditions appear.

Jewelry on the finger with a stone, such as a diamond, is considered a symbol of prosperity and well-being. It is now believed that the larger the gem, the more successful the financial side of the marriage will be.

But as for the ancient signs of rings with stones, it was believed that it will reward the future couple with many obstacles, problems and their life path will be difficult. This was explained by the fact that the rock – as a symbol of rocky mountains, which will rise and conquer will be very difficult.

Wedding rings are even

As mentioned earlier, you should choose wedding decorations together, in the same store, at the same time. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that gold wedding rings should be chosen in pairs, in the same style, of the same metal.

This rule applies not only to aesthetics but also to internal balance. Products of the same type of metal harmonize with each other, forming a tandem that defines a married couple as a whole.


So what are the signs when choosing wedding rings to make the marriage happy? There are many of them, but here are the basic ones that everyone who dares to enter family life should know.

  • The custom of exchanging jewelry at the wedding ceremony has come to us since the 9th century and has since become firmly entrenched in the ritual of such an event as a wedding.
  • It is believed that giving a wedding ring to someone you know is a bad sign. You should not do this before or after the wedding.
  • Also, it will not be a very good sign if you accidentally miss it before the wedding – it is before the separation. In this case, the person who will be your witness at the wedding should pull the thread through it. This will take away all the negativity. The thread must then be burned.
  • A good sign is someone’s found the ring. Means such a quick wedding or marriage. However, it should not be worn. It is better to sell or remelt.

If your parents gave you their wedding rings, and at the same time they have been happily married for more than 25 years – they bring only happiness, love, and understanding to the house of the newlyweds.

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