safety at work

The job security is very important that you consider your company or business. Above all, because the health of your workers is the main thing.

Therefore, in this post we are going to talk to you about what safety at work is, the regulations that govern it, how to improve it and why it is so important.

What is safety at work?

Safety at work is a discipline that falls within the Prevention of Occupational Risks.  It consists of a set of techniques and procedures whose result is focused on eliminating or reducing the risk of occupational accidents.

In other words, the objective of safety at work is the application of a series of measures and the development of activities necessary to prevent the risks arising from work activity.

Therefore, companies or businesses must have optimal conditions so that their employees can carry out the activity with the greatest possible safety.

Observing the statistics of recent years, we can see that the most serious accidents have been caused by traffic accidents, cardiovascular diseases, falls from heights, electrical contacts, blows and falling loads in logistics activities and by access to confined spaces without the adequate security measures.

safety at work

So to combat these occupational accidents, except those derived from health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, tools such as training, information or the application of work procedures are needed to help minimize the risk for workers.

How to improve safety at work?

In order to improve safety at work, it is important to know certain things such as:

  • Information, rights and responsibilities:  In Australia there is an Occupational Health and Safety regulation that establishes the rules to be followed, as well as the law mentioned above. Knowing the necessary safety procedures, being informed of the changes that are made in the regulations, as well as involving workers in their own safety favors the work environment and safety at work.
  • Identification of possible risks in the workplace:  It is important to identify the possible potential risks in the workplace. As well as knowing the reporting and communication procedures for possible occupational hazards. Regulations and standards establish standards to be able to carry out this type of work in a way that guarantees safety.
  • Provide job orientation and training: Training of workers in health and safety is essential to ensure that they have the appropriate knowledge to carry out their work safely and effectively. In addition, more than half of workplace accidents occur within the first 6 months of work, which is why specific job orientation and training is important to prevent possible risks and accidents.
  • Have specific personal protective equipment (PPE): If necessary, most regulations establish the minimum health and safety requirements for the use of personal protective equipment at work. Therefore, it is the obligation of the company to provide adequate equipment and the obligation of the worker to demand the tools and the proper use of them.

Why is job safety so important?

Safety at work is very important because we help maintain a calm, safe and quality environment for our employees and ourselves.

And it is that suffering a work accident can change the life of the worker, his family, friends and co-workers.

safety at work importance

When we all leave our homes for work, we hope to come back well and, above all, make sure we don’t make anyone “wait”. This is the most important reason for creating that safe and healthy environment.

But besides this, there are other reasons such as:

  • Safe workers are happier and more loyal employees.
  • Safety at work improves quality.
  • Reducing workplace injuries reduces business costs.

At Human Kapital we care about safety at work, to keep us informed and trained. And sometimes you don’t need to wait for certain measures to become mandatory for implementation.

For this reason, in Human Kapital we have carried out mental first aid training for our employees, collaborators and companies.

Because prevention and safety always come first 

How about safety at work? Do you have adequate measures in place to prevent risks?  Tell us about it in the comments, we are looking forward to reading you.

At Human Kapital, we are expert consultants in Newcastle. We are involved in all cases that come to our office. Do you want us to help you with yours? Contact us.

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